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What We Do

We are mainly in:-

Support and Maintenance Services
- Providing world class ICT outsourcing services for corporate and banking industry.

Product Specialization
- QNO Network Equipments

- APC Protection Solutions

- Microsoft Partner

- HP Partner

- Dell Partner

- ASUS Partner

- ACER Partner

- IBM Partner

- LENOVO Partner

- ACER Partner

Security Solutions
- Protecting the local network environment from external and internal breach.

File Management
- Managing individual files to group and sharing it in a secure manner.

Backup and Restore Solution
- Backing up company data in a proper manner and an easy restoration whenever in needs.

Equipment Rental
- Cost effective rental basis ICT equipments for short term usage such as road show, exhibitions and etc.

Structure Cabling and Wiring
- Point to point cabling and wiring from Equipment rack to individual face plates.

Data Centre Solution
- From structure cabling, raised floor, cooling system to equipment or server rack eventually hardware and applications.

Event and Road Show ICT Solution
- Temporary data connectivity (SDSL), voice line and equipment rental.

Web and E-Commerce Design
- Corporate web page with intranet and e-commerce developer.

Domain and E-Mail Hosting Registration

Customize Software Solution

And many more

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